Our Story

Here at Alexandria Books we encourage a thirst for knowledge, foster a love of literature, and hold space for a community for those who are in search of the wondrous.

We strive to create a curated selection of our favourite reads, and with your help, to expand our catalogue. You might not see all the NYT Best sellers on here. You might see books you are confused by. You might even see books on here that won’t even show up on Goodreads. Our mission is to find books that make us tick, and have you share the ones with us that make you feel that way too.

In the not too distant future, we aspire to have a physical location that marries our love of a good drink with a cozy place to sit and read: all hail the tea house/coffee emporium/whisky lounge. This will be a place to buy a book, bring a book, chat about books, and have a sip or tipple while you do.

To build our way up to this dream, we are starting with an online store, and have formed a strategic partnership with Booktopia Publishing Service (BPS) to bring you what you desire quickly, and without paying top dollar for it. We have also partnered with White Rabbit Watches: curious time pieces inspired by some of the world’s literary giants. We hope you follow along as we add more items we find inspiring and beautiful.

Join us on the quest for knowledge. Adventure awaits!